An Interview with Indianapolis, Indiana's Jennifer Mlott
NOVEMBER 04, 2020
An internet search of Indianapolis, Indiana returns a Wikipedia entry listing it as the, “Crossroads of America, Racing Capital of the World, Amateur Sports Capital of the World, and Railroad City,” among others, but what they forgot to list is: Hometown of Jennifer Mlott.
Jennifer Mlott is a tap-dancing, songwriting, singer & performer from the beautiful state of Indiana. Garnering many accolades including: the 2019 International Singer Songwriters Association Rising Star of the Year, 2017-2019 Entertainer of the Year for the Kentucky Country Music, the 2017-2019 Vocalist of the Year for the Kentucky Country Music Association, the 2018 North American Country Music International Association’s Video of the Year, and seriously so many more that I’m not going to list them, Jennifer Mlott is no stranger to the stage and starlight. With all that being said I wanted to take a deeper look into who Jennifer is, so I sent her some questions and we got to talking about her and her career…

Jennifer has been paying her dues performing around Indiana, Tennessee, and Kentucky since the inception of her career. While she didn’t give me much information to go on regarding the music community around there, I can only imagine from the number of awards she’s received, and her proximity to Nashville, that the little corner of the world she’s carved out is laden with venues and opportunities. When it comes to opportunities, it looks as though Jennifer has been working hard every day, and seeing that drive and determination is very admirable. Performing at events like the Indy 500 Marathon put her in front of over 30,000 runners and observers. Performing for charity events like the Down Syndrome Foundation of Indiana and the Create for the Cure Gala show us that Jennifer is concerned with more than just her own career, but using her talents to support and improve her community.

Having performed on the TV show Nashville Spotlight, and working with Ben Travis of Two Cats Music in music city have given Jennifer many wonderful experiences in the country music stronghold of Tennessee, but she hasn’t limited herself to shooting solely for Nashville. Recording with Mike Champlin at his Neon Corn Fields studio has been a catamount building block to her career, and her performances at Country tonight Theatre in Pigeon Forge TN show the world that Jennifer Mlott has wheels and will travel to see her fans. We also can’t forget to share her nod to the Whiskey Room in Nashville, which allows her to provide an intimate experience for her fans. Allowing herself to provide an experience over a spectrum of venues opens Jennifer up to a wide array of fans who aren’t all seeking a stadium show, or honky tonk suds, but music from a wonderful artist.

With plans to release her first ever EP this month, Jennifer plans to support this release with performances all over the United States, with a scheduled performance for the Main Stage of the International Singer Songwriter Awards in Atlanta, Georgia August 2021. If you’re wondering what to expect from this coming release, maybe this quote from Jennifer herself might shine some light on it: “The type of music that I’m drawn to gives me a sense of happiness and hope. I want my fans to feel like they have music that speaks to them and helps them through each chapter in their life. Music has healed me in many ways , and I don’t know where I would be without it.”

Jennifer Mlott’s self-titled EP will come with 5 works and will be available on all major streaming platforms or her website I, for one, am very excited to hear the EP once it’s out. You can also find Jennifer Mlott on many social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Thanks for reading! We’ll be back next week with another feature of some very exciting artists!

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