NOVEMBER 10, 2020
Bump In The Night TV is a must-watch internet tv-show on the cusp of something BIG!
When we first started our magazine we put out an open-call for submissions from all types of content creators. The flood of emails we received included artists from all genres, but also small business owners such as: shoe manufacturers, tattoo artists, and even TV shows. We have people working on articles for all of these submissions, and we promise we will get to them in due time.

So back to this… The internet is an interesting place. It has provided members of the entertainment industry a chance to make what they want to as long as they put in a little effort. These members whom without the perfect-industry-connections to networks, publishers, and producers would never have had a chance to let their artistic visions find an audience. The internet provides a level playing field in some respects. Creating content online, at your own volition, allows you to truly be creative without necessarily pushing the needs of the network. With that in mind I think there’s a golden hour of creation. If you are unfamiliar with the term: the golden hour lingers for an hour after sunrise. It is surmised that during this time many wonderful things can take place. It is the opinion of this writer that it is similar with relatively new projects; metaphorically speaking. I think everyone’s best creation always comes for a brief period after they experience their own sunrise. The sunrise can come at the start of their creative career. It can come at the last dawn of that same career if it hasn’t before. It can even be found multiple times throughout a project’s existence, but regardless when it comes: it is awesome.

…so lets talk about Bump In The Night TV…

This was sent to us by the man Bourbon Hitchcok himself: “Bump in the Night TV is a Youtube channel hosted by Orson Hells and Bourbon Hitchcok. The rest of the cast is: Bobby “shady as Hell” Anderson (owner), Bud Cheeks (legal council), Mike TeeVee (editor) Michael McDonald (Graphics). Orson spent over 20 years in the Professional Wrestling & Sideshow business. he is the great grandson of Ed “the strangler” Lewis. Bourbon was in the Haunted Attraction business for 27 years and one day he decided to switch businesses and ventured into promoting Professional Wrestling. that is where these 2 met... after 15 years working in wrestling and touring all over the southern US, they wanted to share their adventures with the world, and that is how Bump in the Night TV was created. they developed their show over a year and launched their channel in August of 2019. they have featured many different events : Midget Wrestling, Roller Derby, Oddities Markets, Slime Convention, and a Cosplay Convention. they also talk about different subjects in Sci Fi and Horror movies. they release a new episode every 2 weeks on friday.” He also added the recent expansions of their team to include, “extra cast: El Santo, Wyld Bill, Bud Cheeks, Skunk Rocker, Lunchbox w/ Mr. Gore, Bobby Anderson. Editor is Nitewolf”

I love Bump In The Night TV. It’s hilarious. It’s the minor-league wrestling channel of podcasts and these people are the proprietors general good-timin’-chicanery. These guys dress up in wicked costumes, crack funny jokes, smoke cigars, goof off, and just seem like a crew of guys I wouldn’t mind running into once in a while. The kind of guys that wouldn’t be hard to decide to stay and have a beer with. While I officially need to say the views of Bump In The Night TV don’t reflect those of Wild Roots Magazine, I can also officially say I’ve had a few good chuckles watching these guys have fun and hang out. At the end of the day Bump In The Night TV is worth watching. They’re finding their feet and back to my point about golden hours earlier, I will say I don’t know if they’ve had theirs just yet, but I do believe they’re on the cusp of their own dawn. While I’m already enjoying the content, I’m standing by and waiting for their golden hour to hit, because when it does I think they’re going to light this thing up.

YouTube is a great place to find new things to watch. Tv is done. Why would I pay to watch repeated establishing shots and more commercials than content? The news is terrible. If you disagree with this just go cry about it on twitter. Netflix is floundering. People want TV not politics. People love amazon prime but i think their shows stink. Yes I get it. I see the value in the writing and production blah blah blah who cares it bores my eyeballs out of my face like rotten eggs sliding out onto the floor. Maybe it’s my tendency to gravitate towards underground things, or maybe I just want to see pirates on their own ship do well and prosper because I’m the same way, but from my standpoint I can’t say I’ve had many personal relationships with network big-wigs that have ended up in anything more than trying to get more money out of the other person… I have, however, had many great relationships with independent content creators. The kind of relationships where we check in on eachother every now and then and hope the other is growing and doing well. I encourage you all to do the same. Check out some episodes. Leave some comments. Orson Hells, Bourbon Hitchcok, and the rest of this rag-tag-bunch deserve it and are waiting to interact with you. You can visit Bump In The Night TV here by clicking this link.

As for us? We’ll be back tomorrow with a brand new feature artist. I hope you all have a wonderful tuesday. Stay Wild.

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