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You might be asking, "Where Do I Find Worthwhile Live Events Now That Everything Is Awful?" Let me ask you this: When are you planning on helping build one? Every person at a live event is a part of that event. You do not get the priveledge of being a "tourist" until you've earned your vacation.

JAN 25, 2023



You might be asking, "Where Do I Find Worthwhile Live Events Now That Everything Is Awful?" Let me ask you this: When are you planning on helping build one? Every person at a live event is a part of that event. You do not get the priveledge of being a "tourist" until you've earned your vacation.

There is no doubt that live entertainment is on the decline. In Canada the consensus among most music venues, and musicians who were drawing an audience, was to get vaccinated, get your “health passport”, and then you would be allowed to attend venues with live music. While in-doing so, if you choose to walk-the-line of nearly-killing-grandma and wanting to express yourself through the act of dance, you must do so with a muzzle on your face in a loosely-organized-pattern socially-distanced on the dance floor. It wasn’t fun like country-music line dancing… it was weird and felt sterile like babies in a hospital nursery who had all been born prematurely…

Regardless of whether you stand with my position, or you’re 6-feet-apart from me in-thinking everything that happened was a good thing, it does not mean anything when you consider the betrayal of the audience by the industry. Some will claim that the industry was just doing what it needed to for everyone to get back to “normal” as quickly as possible. This is factually incorrect. Absolutely every credible point of data points towards the measures implemented by the government as detrimental to public health and safety. Social distancing didn’t work. Wearing masks doesn’t work. Taking the vaccine doesn’t do anything to prevent infection or stop the spread. Vaccine passports only segregate the factory-cattle from the free-range animals. Anyone who spoke out against these measures was found to be hateful and racist by organizations funded by the same government who implemented the very measures that were opposed.

We have reached an impasse. I will not associate with those people. I am certain those who played along with the charade do not want to associate with me.

It really is a win-win scenario.

I will personally never go see entertainment in a settling such as that again. There are people who will, and I hope they have a nice time, but I am not going to subject myself to supporting this kind of behavior in any capacity. I don’t need to forgive the world for what it did to me, and what it did to people like me. I will not give it my money. I will not lend it my time or my talents. I will not suppose to delusions of those who want to participate in that world. I won’t even respond to emails from people in that world reaching out to tell me I was right, and if we can reconnect. I get emails like this every few days and it’s getting more and more frequent. I am just one, among many, who have “moved on” from the old world and those who are unwilling to accept the death of its institutions and characters.

It is fine. We live in a multi-tiered society, and always have, but now it is visibly noticeable. It doesn’t mean that, that old world still won’t experience patronage from those who live in it. It also means that those in that world need to accept reality, and it is that myself, and many like me, will never waste our time again. We have so much more beautiful things to focus on now. Thank you for this gift of realization.

We see the lies. Heck, some of us saw them before the government tried to enslave the population: empty bars, no record sales, no plays online, no fan base, no comments, the “audience” that did show up would sneak-in skirting the cover charge just to drink and avoid the music… it’s dead. It was dead long ago. It’s dead even if you consider other types of events. An old client of mine was telling me about an event in Dauphin MB where they booked the, alleged, “cream of the crop” country bands from Manitoba for a big concert in the auditorium. All of these acts had supported the government measures, and I’m certain those who went to see the event were very pleased with the availability of space in which they could continue to socially-distance: 35 people at the event would have been a good estimate, if you count staff and band members…

This doesn’t mean that no events have people at them. Think of the events promoted on corporate radio. They will attract a decent audience. The locals need to ask themselves though, does that benefit you? Maybe one of you get an opening slot and a slide back into Manitoban obscurity after it’s done; no one is saying “hey that opener was incredible.” They just want to get on with the show. If you want an audience you need to either sell your soul to this satanic mainstream system, or you need to work hard and build it yourself.

The ecosystem of live music was strained before, but now it really is a rotten corpse laying in the field. I am perfectly aware that some events away from corporate sponsorship do continue to draw some audience; late night bars where live music doesn’t start until after 10pm where a person can go and find other people to do cocaine-and-pills-with are in abundance. If that is the life you want, by all means go to it. I am not writing for that audience, however…

I am writing for an audience which has realized that the poisons presented to us by the system are not-only a waste of health, but a waste of time. Think about it… “I’m going to go out and pay 10 times what it costs to have an alcohol that kills me slowly and makes me act-a-fool just for a chance of not going home with someone else who is also horribly out of shape and probably so damaged-in-their-soul that they would be willing to commit endless degeneracies with me until the sun is up and I need to painfully drag myself home hoping I have enough money left in my bank account to pay my bills after buying 5 individual “party bags” because that’s what it takes to prove I’m an adult.” Where’s the lie?

I am not a teetotal. I don’t insist anyone music live a completely pious life which would rival that of only the most hardcore Buddhist monks. I like to have a libation now-and-again and I (barely) enjoy going out and socializing. I just don’t do it with traitors and cowards. So where does one go to get their entertainment now my all-seeing-all-knowing author?

My audience, and the audience which I cater to, is looking for more. Turning on a record with meaning and working in the yard. Turning on a song that cuts-deep and cleaning the house. Putting on something that is worth sharing when you’re together with true friends and even just enjoying the conversational-silence that occurs when “that part” hits… everyone in the room shares a moment. These are the moments I prefer.

I spent a lot of my younger years acting a fool. I participated in degeneracy just like the next guy, and for this I regret only my wasted time; the lessons I was granted were invaluable. Those lessons have made me the man I am today. I am willing to wether the storms that crash against my shores. I have repented for my behavior. I am among people who have done much of the same, often in their own private way. So how do people like us enjoy live entertainment, which is, still, very fun?

The first thing is establishing the reality that we do go to live events. We don’t speak to people from the old world about them. Our events have a different culture. While newcomers are most welcome, outsiders are now hunted down to protect our ecosystem. Predators must be hunted and destroyed. We have been left with no other option. The old world and its soldiers continue to try and destroy that which we establish for ourselves for the purpose of saving our own sanity. I, for one, enjoy the new terms of the crumbled-social-contract. Outsiders have a very hard time mimicking our behavior because it is a lifestyle choice to live this way; to want more; to want something better.

So, you, reading this, isolated from people like you; you are sitting there wondering what events I am talking about...

Small events on private land, or at private venues, where good people of like minds are able to associate and congregate without the creeping-tentacles of cancel-culture’s most active criminal social media stalkers. This is how all things begin. It is the very definition of grass-roots, and often times we are on actual grass-roots.

It is very simple to start your own event. You don’t need 500 people to show up. You don’t need to “provide an experience” for 500 people who will never care if you were even alive. Start with a friend. That’s how this is done. Maybe you each bring another friend the next time. Share some stores. If you play an instrument share some songs. If it’s growing, maybe you pool your talents and build a little back-yard bar. Maybe you build a stage. You let your friend, the cancelled comedian, come down and tell some off-color jokes. Laugh. Talk together after. You don’t need the stale environment of crumbling city bars and collapsing country roadhouses to “do”. You just need to do it.

In time, with proper management, things will grow. When they get to that point that they are undeniably in-existence, you will be presented with choices. You will likely even be presented a faustian deal which may spell the end of your creation, but you did it once so do it again.

Creativity is not bound to pieces of art. Creativity can be utilized to make better events, buildings, vehicles, tools… everything. You are creative. All persons who staved off this psychological attack over the last 3 years were gifted an incredible gift of creativity regardless if they realize it yet. These brave souls had to endure, adapt, survive; change their ways of life. This was all done with creative energy.

You are charged with using this amazing creativity to “create” for your community you lucky duck... And here’s the thing…

If you take the effort to make something for your people, it won’t be long until you learn of other such events. Then, you too, will be rewarded with that event which you can just go attend.

It exists. It exists in you. Make it exist more in reality. Then more of it exists. You’ve got this, so get going.

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