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That One Time Paul Brandt Almost Did Something Worth Writing About

Free Helicopter Rides

April 19, 2024



Some would say that artists represent the spirit of their nation. Canada’s spirit is one of cowardice. Among the cowards, one man almost had a moment of testosterone, but then he chose money and fear, alluding to the fact that he may be misrepresenting his gender as "male". His name is Paul Brandt.

The three men designated as the Coutts Blockade organizers were wrongfully found guilty of "having the wrong opinion at a protest" this past week. They could be facing 20 years in jail for the crime of questioning the government’s descent into maple-glazed communism. The truth is: they protested in a way that the hostile forces invading our country did not sanction because that protest could have drawn attention to the fact that something is gravely wrong in Canada.

When the Coutts blockade was assembled, it wasn’t long before the police laid siege to their own citizens, depriving them of basic needs such as food to eat and fuel to run vehicles and generators. The Canadian police went as far as violating their own laws they pretend to uphold by destroying parts of vehicles. The Canadian police attacked their own citizens, and most people at home sucked down the CBC propaganda. The good people of Western Canada responded by showing up with plenty of supplies to keep the good men and women at Coutts going.

It was a big deal. The entire convoy was a big deal. It was the first glimmer of Canadian Spirit this country has seen in decades amidst its own horrid decline into population-replacement-based genocide. It was so much of a big deal that a man, who may or may not have been genuine at that moment, saw an opportunity for promotion. Up until this moment, Paul Brandt had been almost entirely silent about the government of Canada’s behavior towards its own citizens over the last few years. He saw a chance to shine…

So humble little Paul Brandt polished up his fancy helicopter, loaded it up with some food, and flew supplies into Coutts! Wow!… not really. He flew supplies 5km outside of Coutts since it was declared a no-fly-zone at the time. Someone, probably Adam Skelly (actually a patriot - Adam might be friends with dramatic fat chicks now no one is sure - nice guy though), rode out on his sled to pick up the supplies and bring them in. Adam was there cooking food for the good men in Coutts. When they wouldn’t let him any further with his vehicle he got his machine out and made it. He didn’t just fly away… like Paul Brandt.

Is Paul Brandt a nurse or something? I wonder how many needles he administered during this waking entire nightmare we’re being subjected to… Probably none. I don’t think he has to continue being a nurse now, but he did say this about the injections: "I want to be clear, I am not against vaccines. To be sure, COVID-19 vaccines work well to provide good protection against severe outcomes from COVID-19 for individuals and society.”

His actions following his "alleged participation in the Coutts blockade" were some of the most cowardly displays I witnessed in the entire Coutts/Convoy event. Country music is supposed to give you a sense of pride. It is supposed to tell everyone who doesn’t like it they can "kiss your a**". Instead, what happened next probably belongs in the singer-songwriter genre dominated by females and high-pitched estrogenized males…

You see, the convoy started using his cover version of the song “Convoy” in a lot of their promotional releases; videos mainly. People were playing that song among many others. Paul, though… he thought it wise for his career, likely at the behest of his management, to distance himself from the event when, almost certainly, someone reached out to him in media/law enforcement and informed him that this event in Coutts, and the event in Ottawa, would be framed as "terrorism."

So Paul, having shown up and supported the good people of Coutts Alberta, posts a retraction saying [loosely], “Oh boy it sure is swell ‘these people’ want to attach themselves to my song. I do feel nice that ‘these people who don’t include me’ want to use this song, but also it’s not official.” Go look up the actual statement if you want. It read like a kid trying to get out of trouble, and honestly: that’s what is it.

Paul Brandt isn’t willing to actually fight for what he believes in. He is the perfect archetype of the cAnaDiAN cOUnTrY sINgEr: Afraid. Weak of mind, body, and spirit. Wants to fit in. Not willing to be a man and say what he actually thinks. Fears the whip of his owners…

Right about now, anyone reading this who loves Brandt likely is thinking about “all the good work he’s done for child trafficking awareness” through his yellow rose program. Fitting, isn’t it? Yellow.

Paul Brandt would never say who is overwhelmingly behind human trafficking. He would never draw attention to the historical evidence of “the trade.” He would never be outspoken about the state of the entertainment industry and how it plays a major role, especially its handlers, in the very same human trafficking he claims to oppose… Maybe this initiative has helped somebody with this program. At the end of the day, I’m pretty sure he just is interested in helping himself.

There are a lot of patriotic people in Canada doing amazing work every day, but they don’t get the support of the media. They don’t get accolades for doing the right thing: they just go and do it. The older I get, the more I realize that this fake behavior is what you have to subscribe to to lie yourself into believing that there has been anything interesting happening in Canadian entertainment in the last few decades. All it really is, is brutal “art projects” funded by criminals in the government thieving from the pockets of the working-man to supposedly “support Canadian content,” while really all they’re doing is lining their own pockets through the most “sneaky” money-laundering joke this country has ever seen. When people actually believe in things: they don’t care about the money or the long-term reputational damage. They go for it.

I’m happy I could etch this story into the eternal ether for you today because it’s important that we never forget... that one time Paul Brandt almost did something worth writing about.

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